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Aidan Hartley

U.S. Hardback Cover

U.K. Hardback Cover

Rwandan Tutsi Woman Guerrilla

Yemeni Warrior

The Author

Kenyan Journalist Poster

The Author's Parents' Wedding, Zingibar, Aden

The Empty Quarter

The Author's Father in the Aden Protectorates, 1940s

Mohamed Awas, the Rebel Sheikh, Killer of Peter Davey

Author's Great, Great Grandfather, Col. William Temple, V.C.

Author in Yemen

Peter Davey's Horse and Groom, 1930s

Peter Davey and Sharif Awadh, Beihan

Peter Davey

The Author in Mengistu's Inner Sanctum, 1991

Anthony Macharia and Dan Eldon, shortly before their Murder

Carlos Mavroleon, Somalia, 1993

Arab Boy Sultans, Aden, 1930s

Author on a Medevac Flight, 1993

Dan Eldon in Mogadishu, July, 1993

Rwanda Rebel Trenches, April, 1994

Kigali ICRC Hospital, June, 1994

Rwanda, April, 1994

Author with the RPF, Tutsi Rebels, Kigali, April, 1994

Author Interviews Audrey Hepburn, Somalia, 1992

Author and War Wounded, 1993

Mogadishu Technical, Somalia, 1992

Collage by Dan Eldon

Ammo Dump Explosion, Ethiopia, 1991